14 February, 2016

Updated Ear

Here is Leora's ear after her ear was opened to drain. I've had inquiries about it, so here is the ugly.
Here it is currently, all healed up. I'm not sure if it did scar from the inside out or not, time will tell. And the final proof:
She's not afraid to have anyone on that side of her head anymore for fear they might touch it. She's been happily sleeping on her left side, too. We're thankful to God for her healing & compassionate doctors who use their God given skills freely.


Gram ma said...

Thanks be to Jesus that it is healed. I will continue to pray
that it will not come back. What happy, sweet girls you and
Mike made ! Gram ma

Mrs. V said...

Is this my mother-in-law? I've not seen this handle before.