20 February, 2016

Beauty Challenge

Decorating is not a strength in my skillset as a homemaker. I have no eye for harmonizing colors, patterns or prints. My sewing projects suffer likewise & have largely gone by the wayside. It doesn't help that my 3 (3!) machines need maintenance & never show up in the budget. But the children do like pretty things so I've decided to try & keep the table decorated all month, every month. I've kept it up for 2 months so I cautiously feel up to blogging about it.

This is February.
There are some realities to contend w/ & one of them is I'm a clumsy eater w/ 4 other clumsy eaters around me. We don't actually eat on the table cloth, it gets folded into the middle of the table for breakfast & lunch & is removed entirely for supper. They don't seem to mind & it's nice to have something not brown.

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Gram ma said...

Very nice Vanessa. You are more creative than you think !!
Gram ma :)