17 August, 2015

A New Reward

Silly me, I was rereading my blog & realized I'd never announced here. We're expecting #5! So far this pregnancy has been unique in several ways. I gained 20 lbs. in my first trimester which I've never done, & I don't really think I was eating much extra. I've not gained any the last 2 months, so I'm back on track, weight wise. I've also had a lot of nausea which I've never had. This baby has moved the most by far. I began feeling movements at 17 weeks, the earliest I've ever felt & I don't think baby has stopped yet. We hope to meet this new little person by the middle of Nov. & are thankful for this newest gift!

24 weeks, we're viable!

15 August, 2015

The Walking Dead...

Ha, that's what Mike called my leg after staring at it. He knew about it but hadn't really looked at it until laying on the couch staring at my foot on the recliner. The Walking Dead is a zombie show I watched a couple of episodes of but not to my taste. He's into season 30 or whatever it's on. I am genetically slammed on both sides of my family for varicose veins, this time is the worst yet. Our AC was out for July, the one month we typically run it straight through. It died on my first day of canning season. The heat doesn't bother my leg though my ankle is itchy & tender. The children call it "mommy's ugly leg" & run to pet mommy's "pretty leg". I kind of roar & shake the ugly leg at them to make them rush away screaming, it's a hoot.
To make up for showing you that, here's are pictures of Leora:

She's so big & squishy, I always want to nibble on her. That's a size 6 shirt of Charlotte's she's wearing.

31 July, 2015

How We Do Movies

Victor went to see A Night at the Museum III for his birthday. We hadn't seen the first 2, but a movie at the theater is maybe a once a year deal for us. The blood center was offering free tickets in exchange for a pint & I was able to donate in Nov. & Dec. so they could go out together.

The girls went to see Cinderella w/ their grandma when it came out. Charlotte had just been given the blue dress & Miranda had the pink princess dress left over from Dollar Generals Halloween clearance. I embellished hers to look like the dress the step-sisters trashed. They were thrilled to leave the house in character, something usually not allowed. The movie people were taken enough to give them 2 free movie posters.

Mike stayed w/ them one night so I could go see it w/ some friends, which was nice; I hadn't been out w/ friends in public in nearly a decade & never w/out drinking. It was good calm fun.

18 July, 2015

The Fire Breathing Christian

I do enjoy reading Matt Walsh's blog but since he's gone over to the Blaze, the pop-ups & ads drive me crazy. Another blogger I stumbled over a couple of weeks ago is The Fire Breathing Christian.  Very truthful, convicting & unapologetically un-PC. I guess he's been up for a year & seems to mostly blog about current events w/ a gospel centered world view. If the link doesn't work, you can google it, it wouldn't work for me when I put in the http thing. Check him out & don't be scared off by the rainbows.

12 July, 2015

Ice Cream Sundays

Last summer a friend loaned us her ice cream maker as a blessing to us/ temporary storage solution for her. I loved having ice cream that was all real ingredients, usually we only splurge on the air infused whipped cream. I did NOT like the noise, salt, filtered water ice cube use & machine parts, I would have to start Thurs. to build up a supply of ice cubes in time for Sun. & if I was short it had to finish freezing in the freezer. But why is that a bad thing?

This year we forewent the extra appliance & just used the blender.
  • 2 Cups 1/2 & 1/2
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 2 Cups of Whipping Cream
  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla
  • Flavors of Choice, usually not in the blender due to lack of space.
Pour into a large pyrex bowl before church & let freeze. Stir occasionally when you get home until the hottest part of the day hits. So far we've made vanilla, strawberry from our garden, butter pecan, rocky road, wild blackberry, peaches from a jar that didn't seal for today, & next week I plan to make apple pie. I need to start making pantry space for this years apple sauce. This is our only sweet for the week & the children really seem to savor it more that way.

10 July, 2015

Summer 15' Updates

I'm not a big picture taker, but I didn't quit taking pictures so much as I quit uploading them onto the computer. When the pictures do go up they're several months behind whatever news has happened. That among many other things contribute to the lack of personal posts on this blog. We're also trying to be more aware of OPSEC around here. The internet doesn't need to know when so & so is coming & what the time frame is & our planned activities. Having a public blog just kind of throws that out of the window, but I'm not ready to wholly throw in the towel yet.

My garden is the prettiest, biggest & looks to be the most productive one yet. There are swarms of Japanese beetles everywhere & not everything has come up but it's the most cheerful place to be despite that. It always makes me smile. I got a lot more garlic than I thought I would & my late planting is still growing well, though I don't think it will come up in time except to go back in as seed.
I've been canning all week, it's much more gratifying to see home canned goods arrive in a glut on our pantry rather than grocery cans. The children have been working w/ me pretty steadily as well. They sincerely enjoy working w/ me as opposed to merely completing an assigned task. I can't work on everything though, delegation is a must.
Unhappily our AC went out last week towards the end of my first canning session so I've been trying to get it done before 10:00. The actual canning part is done outside on a propane burner but cooking the fruit/blanching, etc. take place on the stove. The stove is shut off after 10:00 & supper is either salad, grilled or crockpotted w/ a lemonade break midafternoon.

We took the whole month of June off & just finished the required standardized testing for homeschoolers. I tend to do it before we start the new school year. I'd like to dip my toe into the school schedule next week & see how it goes. School in the heat is a drag, & outside jobs are better accomplished in the morning, we might set up shop under a tree for it instead.

 I've got melons trellised, onions, resting strawberries & a plot at rest awaiting winter greens.

2 stands of popcorn, another kind of strawberry & the herbs are creeping everywhere. I'll handle them this fall.
 I've never had a row of tomatoes before! 3 kinds, sweet potatoes, beans & pie pumpkins. 2 more rows waiting for greens.

View from above.