10 June, 2016

Blue Monday

We've had a lot going on, birthdays, upgrades, home improvements & preserving is beginning. But I wanted to share a youtube gem that made me squeal at its cleverness. If I hadn't been holding Allison I might have clapped my hands in delight.

 I was feeling nostalgic & listening to Blue Monday. Not the 80's one by New Order but the cover by Orgy in the 90's because that's where I grew up. Then I found a beautiful cover by Flunk done in the 00's. A lady sings it & it's very well done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyjNCFje8bc

But Orkestra Obsolete...please do another!

03 May, 2016

The Patriarchy is Alive

I have seen this game being played twice after our small group. After we've broken for supper & we're standing around chatting, this weird kingdom springs up. It is ruled by King Victor. His court consists of a guitar playing bard, a stewardess awaiting to crown his chosen, an ally awaiting a bride & 3 princesses vying for the position.

A dancing princess hoping to be chosen for Prince Micaiah. He is the nobleman wielding the rifle. There is so much unconventionality & throw back in this game & I think it's pretty funny to find this kind of game being played by 3 different families in 2016. The grownups didn't interfere. We'll likely not be choosing husbands for our daughters, but check back in a decade or two.

27 April, 2016

Having a 6!

Miranda turned 6 a while ago; I love 6's. Everyone feels so big! I finally consented to cut her some bangs like Charlotte & as soon as Charlotte saw it she wanted to stop growing hers out & get a trim. Then Leora begged for them, so they've all got "the big girl" haircut.

Breakfast on the birthday china.
I had a few gifts for her, my mom had sent a Playmobil horse washing station & my sister a Playdough candy shop. I had fun wrapping them in calendar pages, they made the prettiest wrapping paper.

Miranda is possibly my quirkiest & most difficult. I feel like I say that w/ all of them so maybe "quirk" is just a stage they all go through. But when I saw these mustaches, I knew they were for her. She wanted a butter cake, so I did that w/ lemon frosting. Then I found out mustaches are the new chevron or...something.
     Maybe they weren't all that special, but everyone really enjoyed the randomness. Charlotte was bursting with the secret since she had picked them out w/ me on her shopping trip. Going up a year means going up a chore, so now Miranda is relieving Charlotte of the bathroom counter/ sink & mirror. She is replacing Victor who is at an age to aim decently & handle the trash lid & can now take the trash out without ripping the bag.

Every day I get a picture, note, card, flower, weird tree bark, sparkly rock, you name it from this sweet girl signed "Mirada". She can't remember the N to save her life.

"I mustache you a question..." was joke of the day.

Her birthday dress!

24 February, 2016

Just a Dish

 This is my mixing bowl. I bought it at a thrift store nearly 10 years ago because I was convinced learning how to make 4 loaves of sourdough bread at a time was a skill I needed to have & none of my bowls were big enough or had a lid. Funnily enough this is now the only mixing bowl I do have that fits my family. It holds 1 batch of waffle/ pancake mix/ 2 pizza crusts.

I assume it was at the thrift store because it had the crack in it when I got it. Mike has mentioned replacing it several times over the years due to the crack. Last week I realized I'd been thinking about replacing this cracked bowl for almost 10 years now. The crack hasn't grown. It's not gotten worse. I thought there must be some sort of deep theological analogy to be drawn from this...but other than Sterilite making a good plastic product I couldn't find one.

As a bonus, it holds my fork when I need to stir & not have it fall into the batter. I wish I had more of these humble faithful vessels. If I could I'd give them golden shelves & make them masters over lesser cookware. Ha, guess what I found!

20 February, 2016

Beauty Challenge

Decorating is not a strength in my skillset as a homemaker. I have no eye for harmonizing colors, patterns or prints. My sewing projects suffer likewise & have largely gone by the wayside. It doesn't help that my 3 (3!) machines need maintenance & never show up in the budget. But the children do like pretty things so I've decided to try & keep the table decorated all month, every month. I've kept it up for 2 months so I cautiously feel up to blogging about it.

This is February.
There are some realities to contend w/ & one of them is I'm a clumsy eater w/ 4 other clumsy eaters around me. We don't actually eat on the table cloth, it gets folded into the middle of the table for breakfast & lunch & is removed entirely for supper. They don't seem to mind & it's nice to have something not brown.

14 February, 2016

Updated Ear

Here is Leora's ear after her ear was opened to drain. I've had inquiries about it, so here is the ugly.
Here it is currently, all healed up. I'm not sure if it did scar from the inside out or not, time will tell. And the final proof:
She's not afraid to have anyone on that side of her head anymore for fear they might touch it. She's been happily sleeping on her left side, too. We're thankful to God for her healing & compassionate doctors who use their God given skills freely.

07 January, 2016

At the Doctors

We did go into the doctor this morning to get Leora's ear drained. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect; I talk to his wife frequently & she had remarked that when they were first married he'd wanted to be a surgeon & would practice surgical knots perfectly & mindlessly while watching tv.
He examined it more thoroughly than I'd done but it didn't yield the result he was looking for he gave me all of the possible scenarios. This was fairly painful for Leora & while they were out assembling the cart she sobbed "I hate Dr. A-!" Dr. A- saw her last fall, but I didn't correct her. Sorry Dr. A-!

 I explained that he was going to make her ear healthy deciding to drop the obvious lie of "feel better" But I'm hard hearted. Since it had become re-infected so badly & so close to the last time I opted for the more invasive procedure to just get it done, heal from the inside out & hopefully never come back. I'm hoping that since she's only 2, she won't remember it. I was also wishing myself back & that I hadn't tried to help it on its own yesterday, I think that added to the trauma. That's a lot of hope & wishing. I had pulled her scab off w/ tweezers to encourage it to drain last night & during the procedure she kept screaming " I hate tweezers!" It didn't look to me as if the lidocine did anything by the way she was handling it but again, she's only 2 so she won't remember. Right? Right?

Anyway, after some Tylenol she took a looong nap & woke up very cheerfully.

Her ear was feeling better & in the van she remarked that "Dr. B- did make me braver at the doctors so I can be healfy."  She processed it by dragging out her doctors kit & making the bad ear on all her stuffed animals feel better. With scissors.