07 January, 2016

At the Doctors

We did go into the doctor this morning to get Leora's ear drained. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect; I talk to his wife frequently & she had remarked that when they were first married he'd wanted to be a surgeon & would practice surgical knots perfectly & mindlessly while watching tv.
He examined it more thoroughly than I'd done but it didn't yield the result he was looking for he gave me all of the possible scenarios. This was fairly painful for Leora & while they were out assembling the cart she sobbed "I hate Dr. A-!" Dr. A- saw her last fall, but I didn't correct her. Sorry Dr. A-!

 I explained that he was going to make her ear healthy deciding to drop the obvious lie of "feel better" But I'm hard hearted. Since it had become re-infected so badly & so close to the last time I opted for the more invasive procedure to just get it done, heal from the inside out & hopefully never come back. I'm hoping that since she's only 2, she won't remember it. I was also wishing myself back & that I hadn't tried to help it on its own yesterday, I think that added to the trauma. That's a lot of hope & wishing. I had pulled her scab off w/ tweezers to encourage it to drain last night & during the procedure she kept screaming " I hate tweezers!" It didn't look to me as if the lidocine did anything by the way she was handling it but again, she's only 2 so she won't remember. Right? Right?

Anyway, after some Tylenol she took a looong nap & woke up very cheerfully.

Her ear was feeling better & in the van she remarked that "Dr. B- did make me braver at the doctors so I can be healfy."  She processed it by dragging out her doctors kit & making the bad ear on all her stuffed animals feel better. With scissors.

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Gram ma said...

OHHHH to cute ! Maybe she will become a Doctor, or manbe a Mom !!! lol