06 January, 2016

First Sickness-Preauricular Pit

Leora is such a fun little girl. She is the sturdiest, heaviest, loviest Little we've got. She is the picture of health from the crown of her head to the sole of her foot. I wish I could say that every square inch of her is perfect but there is one small square inch that isn't.

That square inch is her ear, a preauricular pit (branchial sinus) that failed to close while in the womb. Last fall it got infected & took a week of antibiotics & a month of draining to look like this.

She started complaining of her ear hurting this weekend. On Sunday it was red. Monday it began to swell.

And today it looks to pop. We're thinking surgery to remove the sinus will be the way to go, but she'll not be added to the insurance until the end of Jan.

My poor baby.

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