05 December, 2015

Daily Rag Cover

I was on a site that has a debate thread & got sucked into reading it. I've never posted there before & it looks like you'd have to be tethered to a screen to keep up w/ it, but it had this magazines cover w/ the opening, "What do you think of the cover? Discuss!"

The cover was the only thing that didn't get discussed as far as I can tell, it immediately devolved into a bloodthirsty crowd eager to take guns away from everyone else. But I wanted to say, why should God fix this? What have we done to merit His favor? The New York Daily specifically? Full disclosure, I know nothing of the publication. A quick perusal of past covers while searching out this one makes me wonder though, How do they dare? How can a business that glorifies in violence dare to demand of God that He fix this? Many of their covers are focused on the gore depicting American violence.

American love violence. Americans love & seek out the pain of others in movies, shows, video games & books. I don't have the stats, but maybe more than sex. Everyone can have their own private seat in their personal Coliseum. To blame God, when He allows what we ask for is naïve at best & grossly hypocritical. Until we as a nation can repent & turn from our sins we ought not dare to presume that God owes us something.

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