04 December, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

Well, this was the oddest Thanksgiving I've ever had. My mother in law came up to help w/ the baby but there was no baby. So she insisted on making the whole supper & wouldn't let me do anything but the potatoes lest I drop a baby in a crockpot...or something. Mike had to work due to Black Fri. doorbusters so he wasn't w/ us. There was a feeling of gloomy finality as my brother in law was getting all 23 teeth pulled the following Mon. It very much had the feeling of the last supper.

Usually I start Thanksgiving prep on Mon., baking 2 kinds of bread to dry out for stuffing cubes & killing a chicken for stock. I had already done the chicken the Fri. before. But she was sincere in not letting us do anything but potatoes. So, we crafted!

We made thankful leaves & hung them from the dining room, stained glass turkeys & 2 kinds of toilet paper tube turkeys. Thanksgiving day itself we played Monopoly until 1: where we started potatoes. Charlotte cut her finger on my peeler/corer/slicer & said she was going to throw up. I probably wouldn't have believed her except I saw Mike pass out during butchering after cutting his finger. Sure enough as soon as I handed her a bucket she lost it. I don't get it.

Sorry about the sideways picture. These turkeys were harder than I thought as I had no contact paper, only packing tape. They enjoyed making them though. Mike came home at 8 & ate leftovers & we continued our new show, The Great War.

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