13 February, 2015

Free Music Preview

No, not from us, we're none of us musical though Victor is learning the cello & improving every week. Some friends of ours have undergone some trying times. They lived in a communal Christian house when we met them & they have (the whole group, not just this family in their community) had to pack up & scatter.

 I've been following all of the families through blogland as they post, & this one has stayed in state & after 2 years, felt led to turn to music. They're releasing 12 songs this month for free to view. They are Brackin & Lindsey Kirkland & have 4 videos on youtube so far, they're calling their music Sounds Like Reign. Give them a listen & drop a line of encouragement. Here is their intro:

And their first song:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing our music. May God be glorofied. Brackin ~ Sounds Like Reign