02 January, 2015

A Fun Start

We had a fun New Years. Mike had to work so it was just us. We had a festive supper on the china of sweet potato fries, deviled eggs, & cranberry sauce. Showers & baths followed until 8 when I lay Leora down & then the 8 o'clock goody bag was opened. I had brown lunch bags w/ every hour written on them to keep them awake. The 8'oclock bag was full of muddy buddies, the only time of the year we make/ eat them. I figured it best to get the sugar out of the way. I read a chapter out of our 2 read alouds, Winnie the Pooh & Farmer Boy, while they ate those. We then set up a campsite/ nest under the dining room table for them to sleep in. They're getting so big I don't know how long this tradition can continue, I had to put both leaves in the table. That took up the whole hour & the 9'oclock bag was opened. Miranda was feeling impressed w/ herself by this point for staying up. Mike had raided his old GI Joe stash so they each got a vintage Joe & finished watching the last 2 episodes of season 2 as Netflix was removing it on the first. They had a Joe battle & a cobra squadron lined up to watch themselves on the big screen. The 10'oclock bag was an activity to make a hat. I had cut up a malt o meal box into different crown shapes & they covered them w/ foil & glued some jewels on that I had swept up & saved. There was a strip of fabric in each bag to tie the crowns on. Victor had been wanting to watch Men in Black for New Years, & after our fussy VCR/tv decided to work he started that while the Girls watched Gruffalos Child. Theirs was only 1/2 an hour long so they finished his movie w/ him. The 11'oclock bag had a glow stick & a punch balloon. My sister & I always had fun w/ these & called them boom boom balloons when we were little.They had a lot of fun w/ those. Charlotte' glow stick split when I cracked it for her & glowing greeness sprayed everywhere. I was very tired by this point & they were all pretty impressed w/ themselves.It made the aliens more fun. MIB ended right on time. We had 5 min. to brush teeth & open the midnight bag. I got some pretty Irish coffee cups at the Dollar General on clearance for .75 & filled them w/ glitter confetti. We watched this countdown: & threw the confetti up in the air. Rapturous delight ensued as glittery messes are generally never allowed. We went to bed straightaway & had a marathon vacuuming session before Mike got home at 7:30. No one was hungry after eating Muddy Buddies all night so we just had toast & hot chocolate in our new Irish mugs for breakfast.

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