14 March, 2015

Feb. Hello

There are several reasons I've not been blogging, but paranoia ranks highest at #1. So, now you know.
See Morgan Spurlocks "Inside Man", season 2 episode 4, "Privacy".
#2 I've been a bat case all winter & haven't talked about it w/ anyone so I didn't want to put it out for public consumption.

Otherwise February was a very good month. Victor turned 9 in January & Miranda turned 5. & got a Playmobil pony set; all 4 of them went crazy over it & anytime Playmobil shows up in my sidebar I get mobbed. Victor bankrupted all of his funds to buy a little set, I can't keep track of which one mercurial Charlotte likes.

We've foregone park day in favor of cello lessons all fall & winter. We're renting one from Shar music. One of the families at church is very musical & once a week we go over to their house. Guitar, violin & cello are all taught at the same time. I think they all play piano as well, but no one I know is learning that. Since he got a cello, his b-day present was skimpier. He & Mike went to a movie but it only cost 2 pints of blood, lol. Our local blood community blood center will give a movie ticket for every pint. A lot of the homeless people opt for that & I met some very interesting & nice people waiting in line to give.

As you can see, Victor grew his hair out. It got shoulder length where we could put it back in a ponytail for church on Sun. We quickly saw that he had the thickest hair of all of the children & also the most tender scalp. He really struggled to keep it combed & finally gave it up, so he's short again.

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