10 April, 2014

Frozen Wash

My mom sent Frozen over in the mail last weekend, along w/ the sound track. We made it our Sat. movie & w/ Mike doing clinicals, the soundtrack must have played 6-8 hours straight. Thanks mom!

I had heard the "Let it Go" song before watching & liked it. However when watching the movie, the opening, "Frozen Heart" moved to my favorite spot. I like men's ensembles, & this has a fun ethnic/ peasant vibe to it. BUT listening to it in the back ground for hours straight made me a little loopy. I discovered that this is a natural laundry song! Here is the song if you don't know it.

My adaptation begins w/ the rapid washer plunging up & down & picking up on

Born of soap & water clear,
the laundry pile declining
There's dirt & stains impressed right here
They meet on the washboard shining!

So plunge through the water
Plunge again
Scrub on the board
Make a din

Grass stains, blood & oil shan't win
Scrub the stains apart!
On the final rinse depart.
 "Hyup! Ho!
Soak & wash; go!"
"Hyup! Ho!
 Rinse & hang; go!"

 Constant! Eternal! Millenia old!
 Wash day at home will clean your clothes.
Soak & wash once!
Rinse twice again!
Wring, hang & let the sun begin!


It's silly, but unlike my "Do you want to build a smoothie?" song, I finished it, lol. Happy poetry month!


Home Instead said...

Cute! I finally saw the movie 2 days ago, so now I get it when people make jokes or references to the movie :-) I think thats the best disney movie I've ever seen.

Mrs. V said...

I understand, glad all is well!