25 September, 2014

Hola, All I Have is Christ

 I'm not sure if I'm back to blogging or not, so don't get excited. I remember a lot of feelings from my childhood; not a whole lot of actual events, I just mostly lived in my head & books. But looking at Victor I wondered how I would feel at 8 if blogging had existed & mom had put our lives up to see. My life was very different from his but I know I would have hated being put on display w/ every fiber of my being. Hence the hiatus.

So, I don't know where this will be going. I do like the accountability & inspiration I see on home school themed blogs; it's something to think about. I dislike the taking & posting of a million pictures, another blog turn off. Pictures have become cheap & I think an underlying source of societal narcissism. Hey, that sounds like a blog post topic. Maybe.

I'm taking some free classes through canvas.net. One of them is immersion conversational spanish (Cada Dia) & we were supposed to find la cancion en espanol, y disfrutes de las canciones de sus amigos. I copied that, but I understood it to mean finding a song in spanish, & post the video to your classmates/ friends. I found this animation on a spanish/ english playlist late last night & couldn't find it in spanish but we sing the song at church. It reminded me of Ray Boltz's Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb, but I do love this song.


Home Instead said...

Thnks for posting I just joined your class!!!!! Glad u r well

Mrs. V said...

Hey, there is also a class on studying Laura Ingalls Wilder if you want! I think 2 classes might be too much for me, I'm a shallow participant in both.

Joanna said...

Hi, just found you again today. fun to read your writing again. How is everyone?
Joanna Graybill

Mrs. V said...

Hi Joanna, we're well, thanks! Not where I thought we would be but God is good.