28 March, 2014

I've Been Relieved

I decided to put Victor on morning jobs duty because I was stretched too thin. He came out w/ me every day for the month of Feb. for job training. He is slow but thorough so I try to have him out there a little earlier. We work very differently. Whereas I throw clothes on & literally run from yard to animals back & forth, he takes 20 min. to get out of bed & dressed, 10 more min. to put his gear on & then walks hunched over, hands in his pockets trying to conserve warmth by not moving, stepping as slow as you can imagine. I wanted to scream. It was not unusual for breakfast to be finished around 10:00 during Feb.
I'm so proud of him though. He grains the goats, hays them, bottle feeds the baby, mucks out their shed, fills the waters, releases the chickens & collects eggs from professional hens who lay in the morning like they should. We have only a few of those. We had a lot of great conversations & I enjoyed hanging out w/ him. Charlotte would be inside babysitting while I was training him & still be in pj's when we came back in to have coffee together.
So now I'm babysitting & making things like waffles & banana bread for breakfast. Months of oatmeal are gone & everyone is happy about that. I send Charlotte out to help him & do chicken things after she's done the bathroom as it is more like drudgery for him w/out company. He's seeing early morning things that he didn't know about & really enjoys the new goat. I think he's also proud of being big enough so that the goats don't try to butt him anymore. Hooray for manhood!

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