04 February, 2013

Shelving Upgrade

I've shown pictures of my mud/ laundry room before.Here's one in case you were interested.

Grandma was in town so the children were out, it was creepy quiet, rainy, Mike was doing something on the computer & I felt like I could not stay in the room any longer as it was. But laundry is a fact of life. I think it was just staring at all of the dangling things from the shelf w/ all of it's miscellaney. On his next smoke break I asked Mike if he could put some shelves in the space were the old air handler used to be before we converted it into a coat closet & the rod kept falling down & we gave up. There was a lot of wasted vertical space. He perked up like I had given him a gift. I guess he was tired of sitting around the house between semesters inside due to rain. First we emptied it.

Then he went through his diminishing scrap pile & bankrupted it for me after asking what I wanted. Basically I wanted no boots, no litter box, a place the children could sit & take off their boots where they're out of the way, preferably no shelf & certainly nothing dangling in my face while I worked. It's a pretty small room & it was a tall order. The studs were not always in a compliant place but he figured out a way to get the big stuff in & I compromised on the small.

The kitchen in the interim. We both dread & enjoy projects like this because they give us a chance to purge.

The finished space ready to go!

I was pleased he even figured out a place for the raincoats, they were always hanging off of the glass door inserts dripping onto the cat box.

The shelf is at least organized better w/ nothing in my face. The curtain is usually shut.

A place for the girls to sit & stow their boots. The free space by the basket doubles as another seat. There is less stuff & it's better situated but I wouldn't go so far as to call it all easily accessible. This is seasonal seldom used stuff. A lot of his work things & non-food pantry items went into this space to clear out the kitchen a bit as well. But we're all thankful for it & think it an improvement.

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