07 February, 2013

My Cultured Kitchen

Through decluttering, & re-organizing I seem to have developed a dedicated corner for my cultures/ferments. It cheers me to see food working over there being pre-processed for our guts. Something different is over there every day too. In this picture I've got water kefir, kombucha & oatmeal in whey souring & fermenting for us. Soaking beans, yogurt, sourdough bread, pancakes, pizza crust etc. hang out over here as well. It all goes well w/ my...

new stove! Mike's family has moved in from Ill. & they have brought A LOT of stuff w/ them. To include this brand new (well, 10 years old) never before used stove. His aunt is so funny, "Do you care if it's almond colored"? The children are thrilled to have a window in the door to see food bake, I'm glad to have a clock & handy timer again & I never thought I'd ever get another cooktop. We're thankful for these blessings, (primarily the family being closer.)

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