11 February, 2013

Fun Websites

I'm no better than most parents who need some free time & use a glowing screen as a babysitter when I'm doing a job that can not be left until finished. so when I'm butchering, supper is running long in being prepped or I need to wash my hair even, these websites come on. My favorite is Story Nory. A beautiful English lady named Natasha (at least her voice is beautiful) reads many classic fairy tales & literature out loud. They are real fairy tales too, not some Disney drivel.

Time Monsters in another. It's not terribly well done & excepting the monsters themselves, I found it pretty dry. My children have no scruples & loved it to help supplement their time telling skills. Honestly only Victor can tell time & Time Monsters had nothing to do w/ it but there are quizzes which did help him get all of the "quarter pasts" & "quarter tills". Charlotte asks for it alot.

And everyone loves Starfall for phonics & reading. Charlotte's enthusiasm over learning to read is finished. We quit at Lesson 28 on Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons & I'm not pushing it. A 4 year old doesn't need to know how to read, she just wanted the secret knowledge Victor possessed. She did this last time on lesson 11 & we took a long break over which she retained everything. She is very good at retaining.

And when we all want to watch something together, the drivel on Netflix satisfies. Miranda likes Thomas & Friends, Charlotte likes Richard Scarry's Busytown & Victor prefers GI Joe. They all like each other's shows & when a consensus can't be reached Garfield & Friends makes everyone happy.

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