14 February, 2013

Baby #4 Update

Happily, this is another uneventful pregnancy. We interviewed & hired a doula this past Sun., she seems very nice. She did say that most of the women in this area seem to prefer intervention- heavy births, so we're her only clients, currently.  Hooray!

I seem to be hypotensive this time around, which is the opposite of hypertensive. I had a near fainting spell in the shower about a month ago while washing my hair & an hour later my hands were still numb & tingly so I asked Mike to take a blood pressure reading: 85/ 50. I guess I had my arms above my head too long. At my 24 week check up my blood pressure was 96/58. He took it 3 times to be sure & seemed alarmed but it does fall in the normal range for the second trimester. I'm just trying to adjust my blood volume & it ought to level out at 28 weeks. My arms are tired all of the time & fall asleep no matter what position I lie in at night.

I'm getting to the point where most of my clothes do not fit. My skirts are getting higher in the front. The red dress in the picture is one I've never worn before. It's a colonial costume & looks like it was made back in the 70's or 80's. I got it off of ebay a few years ago. It came w/ a mob cap, but Charlotte has claimed it. It's waist is slightly raised & it's a size 14 or 16, way before vanity sizing kicked in. I was tickled to wear it & have something that I felt pretty in, even if it is a little silly looking. Other than gaining 15 lbs. so far, that is it! I'll update in the 3rd trimester. We're hopeful Abigail is pregnant too, her udder isn't changing, but she's looking fat in the morning before breakfast.


The Price Family said...

I Love the dress! It looks beautiful. I didn't recognize it as a costume at all. Do you use cloth diapers with your babies?

Mrs. V said...

I do cloth diaper, just the regular cloth pre-folds from Wal-Mart w/ the snappi & monkey bunz wraps. I also do EC. I started that w/ Miranda & that was the year we got rid of the washer. She was potty trained 1 month after it croaked, my earliest graduate.

The Price Family said...

I imagine I would potty train mine a lot faster with the motivation of having to wash them by hand!

Mrs. V said...

Lol, well, she was pretty much potty trained at that point.
At the beginning of this blog when we left Va. we lived in an RV & hand washing Charlotte's diapers & Victor's occasionals was an every day job in the laundry sink at the camp ground. It had to be done daily, & that was the most efficient way to slice some money aside at $1.50 a load for washer & dryer. Our regular wash load cost enough through the week as it was. You just do what you have to.

JUdy Bowman said...

Vanessa, congratulations on the new baby!