18 February, 2013

Pre-positional Nesting

Remember how I said we had no idea how we were going to replace our 10 yr. old mattress? Mike's recently moved relatives also had an extra mattress that used to be in a guest room. They're new much smaller house has no space for it & they've passed it on &amp it's practically new. We were very thankful. So our old one went into Victor's room. He chose the ugliest blanket because it's soft & furry. I actually like the blanket, I bought it in Bahrain. We kept the bed frame so no one would bump their head on the loft bed when waking up.

This is the view from the door. He & Charlotte will be sharing the room after baby is born DV, & will continue to do so unless the baby is a boy. But new baby will be in the other room for at least a year, maybe 2 as it's got the trundle. And maybe that will end up being the boys room, that's too far in the future to think about.

The dresser we put into the closet & all of his toys that get sorted into bins. They are actually toys they all share, Duplo's, blocks, Lincoln Logs, etc. His Joe's, Cobra & green plastic army live in there too. Some of the closet stuff got moved into the girls closet to make space. So he has less play space but he likes it that way, he's carved out some fighting positions for when I vacuum. His toy box & foot locker are angled out instead of against the wall. It drives me crazy, but it's not my room & he keeps it clean so I let it go.

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