13 September, 2012

Little Covers

All right. The very small percentage of women who cover their heads for religious reasons can all admit to this unless you're certifiably plain. At the beginning of your head covering you try out different styles to find out what styles of coverings suit you best & to see what you're most comfortable w/. Initially I was most comfortable in hats (not baseball caps); very proper & somewhat British-y looking hats at that. Now I am least comfortable in hats unless I'm working out of doors.
But what happens when you're 4, want to be like mama & know nothing of what society says you should be comfortable w/? She wears what she likes & feels pretty in even if it turns her into...
 The Green Nun

 When she is The Green Nun (she doesn't yet know what a nun is) she has super powers that I can't describe. Anytime she wears green Daddy's heart is melted; it certainly does make her eyes look green. Does the dress designer know what a guimpe is?

Sometimes she enjoys flowers & lace.  Miranda is wearing her old one.

Sometimes we are down to business. She hates hair in her food & appreciates Mama's never being in there. We certainly don't want it in our canned food. Miranda was not a big help for this project, she just likes being in pictures.

Her Babushka. When she wears this style (& she does prefer them under the chin) I see her Polishness.

I freely admit to suggesting green to her though I never say she's pretty, just that she looks clean & decent like Marilla Cuthbert. Truthfully I feel she's gorgeous & makes my heart stop a bit, especially when her eyelashes are wet from the bath. But she asks about her looks often enough so I don't want it to go to her head. She also favors my old army green boonie hat & some hideous crocheted blue velvet beret thing that I've not got pictures of.

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Oh Mrs V, they are adorable....