25 September, 2012

September Oddments

A lot of things have been going on; there's a lull today so I thought I'd put out an update.
As soon as Mike's family left from their 3 week visit our hard drive died. Happily Mike had backed everything up only 2 weeks or so before that happened which was neat because we've never backed up anything. So everything was saved but we're (I'm) not sure how to get what we want when we want it.
Our camera died before the computer. I don't think it specifically is dead it's a Kodak Easyshare 330. I'm pretty sure it's the 3 tiny cogs in the lens w/ their teeth all ground off, something I can't fix. W/ the computer dead I quickly found the source of my unorganization. The computer itself. I was very organized & worked w/out stopping & got some bigger projects out of the way. I did feel dull though. We get no magazines or newspapers, or tv. NPR is the only news to come over the radio & they report on enough whacky thigs so I was diverted for a bit. Our station has some neat short clips in the morning, "30 Second Naturalist", "Our Ocean World", "Stardate", & Garrison Keilers "Writers Almanac".
We got almost 5" of rain last week. Not good laundry weather. KitKat has killed 3 rats this week. I helped her finish one off by crushing it w/ a rock because I felt sorry for it. Mike killed a copperhead in the chicken coop. The children got to pet it to see what a snake really feels like & identify the local venemous critters.
Victor is sick today, hence the typing. I suspect it's from Story Hour at the library though the girls are fine. His top front teeth are working themselves out & goin in different directions. They've been loose for months & he doesn't like to wiggle them so they've gone into Billy-Bob mode. We finished reading Tom Sawyer last week. He wants to start on Huckleberry Finn but I'm not sure how to explain some things in that one. We ran across the N word a few times in Tom Sawyer & I had edited it to negro as being more respectful & in keeping w/ the time period the book was set in. But if I remember correctly Huck Finn is loaded w/ it. I gave him the abridged version, I'll see if he's content w/ that.
We've done a lot chickening, people don't want their roosters & we are happy to deal w/ them for them. I put up nearly 3 gallons of chicken soup & stock. They're being opened today. That's all of the news for awhile.

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