08 September, 2012

The Least Room is the Greatest...

of importance, at least in this house. My humble mud room. Hmmm. Generally I "dress up" a picture a bit before I take it for the blog. Perhaps that is dishonest of me? Anyways, here I've slipped.

The mud room has 2 very important functions in the house, 3 if you're the cat. Keeping the clothes clean and...

 being the filth buffer for the rest of the house.

Seriously, this is the dividing line where standards are set.

It's a bit of a crunch, all of us trying to take off or put on our shoes in this small space but we make it work. I'm not willing to move the cat box anywhere else & there is very little to be done in adding sitting down space. How muddy/ dusty does your mud room get?

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