07 July, 2012

Bom ba dee da Bom ba dee da

Some friends at church have been offering & urging us out to their place to come & ride their horses & we finally were able to set up a time for a visit & had a good time.

V & C were pretty nervous at first but they got over their fright pretty quickly w/ the big kids helping them.

Victor was adamant about having a grown up w/ him at first but by the end of it they were washing & helping to comb them down. They had a couple of pretty good walks around the field & Charlotte was going along at a trot urging for a full on gallop by the end of it.

Miranda didn't ride & wouldn't sit w/out me behind her. I think the horses were a lot bigger close up than they had anticipated. Thanks church friends!


Swartzmomto3 said...

E loves the title of the post!! LOL So glad you could visit and hope to do it again when it cools down some!

Mrs. V said...

Ha, that's all T said the whole time they were riding so I had the post titled before I had the pictures uploaded. Thanks!