09 July, 2012

A Little Taller Every Year

Another year in the overpriced prom/Charlotte dress...


& 4

I was able to alter the dress a little & my neice got to wear it to her prom too which I was thrilled over. Get some use out of this dress, who wants to rent it?
We don't do birthday parties for scriptural reasons but I do make a treat usually depending on the season. Charlotte loves Cherry berries so that's what she got. The mint leaves were good w/ it too.


tipper said...

Adorable photos-I love the idea of taking one every year or so : ) and mmmm.. the cherries look so good!

Mrs. V said...

I saw a really neat slideshow of a daughter growing up in a vintage swimsuit from 1-18. I paid $200.00 for that dress (in 1998 dollars)so any use I can get will be gotten. Thanks for stopping by!

Home Instead said...

I love how you takes these photos every year. She is so stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. V said...

Unhappily she knows it too. I've really been trying to emphasize how much more important is to be a good worker rather than looks or smarts. Work is something we can at least have control over. I think it's beginning to work.