03 July, 2012

Schools Out! Oh, Wait.

Since we were frequently having visitors year round in which we'll take off a week here or a week there I realized that we'll likely not get in 36 weeks of school during the normal season. Which we didn't. That plus the heat makes doing school year round our best option. We really REALLY try to be done w/ all outside chores by 10:00 so we can lay around & sweat guilt free. Or lay around & listen to a book.
Rod & Staff again, for Charlotte this time. I was so pleased w/ Victor's progress & improvement last year that I ordered them for her as well. Miranda likes coloring much more than the older two.

They like their friends to do school too.

Here is our curriculum so far. I've started Victor into the first grade officially. He loved doing Charlotte's preschool, Heart of Dakota. We're on the letter S. It's appropriate for ages 2-5 so I ordered the next book to do w/ them, Little Hearts to Heaven, an age range of 5-7. I'll see how well Charlotte does w/ it. The lessons have additional resources w/ the lesson plans, for Olders & Youngers. I'm second guessing myself though; there is a block on teaching to read but Victor already knows how to read so I'll probably have him either read to me or do silent reading or a combination.
We've completed the first Light Unit in his math. There are 20 lessons per Light Unit, Christian Light Publishing. He's good at math so I read a history story to him while he's doing independent math work. Otherwise it's like pulling teeth to get him to finish.

We also use Sue Patricks workbox system. Workboxes are beyond our budget but we eat a lot of Cheerios & decorated them w/ giftbags. I like it because they know that their day is done when the row of boxes is complete. I mix it up; sometimes Starfall will be in a box or a recipe card to make cookies or a brand new chore for training on. Sometimes we will be scientists & must extract a poison from stinkbugs in the garden & perfect our formula. Which is just a fun way to handle pest control.

Life takes up most of our lessons right now. Lots of gardening, harvesting, preserving & animal care. I'm glad for the variety & summertime I let the schedule relax. We might only get 3 days a week. Or only do Charlotte's as hers is our Bible lesson as well. Something seems to always be going on & that's a good way to be.

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