21 March, 2012

Sprung has Springed! (Reverse that)

Spring pictures. This is the start of what we hope DV will be a good size orchard. We cut down alot of trees w/ help from the brethren over at Zion Road & put in 5 apple trees, (4 Red Delicious, 1 Granny Smith)

Annie & maybe Abigail too are close to kidding, though Abby doesn't look near as big as Annie.
We will shampoo her before the milking commences. She has her mother's lopsided teat, we're hoping she doesn't have the mastitis tendency. You can almost taste the milk!
Pear blossom from Asian pear trees planted last year
Salt & Pepper sitting on her clutch. She brooded us 11 chicks, praise God. We're thankful. Another clutch of 12 or 13 seems to be taken over in shiftwork between an experienced hen & a first year. They take turns sitting on it while the other goes to eat, drink, dust, roost, scratch, whatever. I hope they settle it by next week.

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