19 March, 2012

If You Were Curious About Antichrist...

This is not a typical post for me but Mike & I heard such a great show on exposing the Antichrist I wanted to link to it. It's nearly 2 hours so appropriate your time accordingly. Wed. nights show is on Daniel, 7 pm cst. I'm not great at hyperlinking, sorry.

Bush bows to the Antichrist

Obama bows to the Antichrist

"And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication" (Revelation 17:4)

Arrayed in Scarlet and Purple... The Pope and The Archbishop of Canterbury
of the Church of England.

Having a Golden Cup in her Hand

The Beast with 3 crowns. Vicarius Filii Dei
(Instead of, or "in the place of" the Son of God)

Opinion of the Reformers on the Identity of the Antichrist

The Doctrine of the Papal Antichrist

The Testimony of History Against Antichrist
The Catholic Origins of Preterism & Futurism
Early Church Fathers on the Timing & Advent of Antichrist


Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

Wonderful post. The pictures who it all, don't they?

Have you read "Fifty Years in the Church of Rome?" If not, check it out. It can be read for free online, or purchased from Amazon. Right now, I'm reading the follow up book to that - "Forty Years in the Church of Christ."

Mrs. V said...

Thanks, but it's not my post. I copied it from Michael Bunkers blog, A Process Driven Life. I ought to have said that, thought I did. He said that there are some people who only learn through pictures so I thought I would circulate them. I like words, but pictures are icing.
I've not read "Fifty Years", I'm finishing up A.W. Pink's "The Sovereignty of God" but I'll put it on my list. Have a great day!