24 February, 2012

Book Bomb TODAY!

You've read that I'm supporting the book launch of a new novel entitled The Last Pilgrims by Michael Bunker. I thought I'd give out some details about the book and why I think you would enjoy it.

The Last Pilgrims has received unanimously fantastic reviews. Here are a few snippets, but click on the link to read them all:

"Too many post-apocalyptic stories, don’t explore why the apocalypse occurred or how the characters survived. The Last Pilgrims makes sure that each facet of the story, past and present, are explored...
...The best part of this book is how alive the characters are and how you want to know what happens to them. Often I found myself not liking a new character and then a few chapters later I would totally reverse my opinion."
~ Gwen at Blackjack Fairground and of the Save Jericho! Facebook page Read the full review

"...has all the elements of a great book with strong characters, a relevant message, a little romance (grin) and those emotional ups and downs that keeps you turning each page until there are no more."
"...in The Last Pilgrims Michael Bunker brings to the forefront the error in our present-day society’s ‘normalcy bias’ way of thinking and our reliance on technology and equipment to get us through what most doubt will ever happen - a total societal collapse. He demonstrates through the Vallenses Community the benefit of education, knowledge and acquired skills for when, not if, a collapse will happen – in someone’s future."
~ SurvivorJane.com Read the full review


"It is a good, fun, clean, thought-provoking adventure story. Allies are found in unlikely places. You begin to care for and understand the people. I need good relationships to stay interested in a book (or movie, for that matter), and I really like these people..."
"The Last Pilgrims is downright refreshing compared to other books on the market."
~ Wardeh at gnowfglins.com Read the full review--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"...if you are looking for some good fiction I definitely recommend getting a copy of The Last Pilgrims. I can wholeheartedly say the story itself stands on its own as engaging, well-rounded, and well written."
~ Shannon, Nourishing Days Read the full review--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"...I can tell you, very simply, that the story drew me in and it didn’t disappoint me. There is a lot of action, and intrigue, and twists and turns to to the tale. The characters are interesting and, in some cases, very endearing. All the great themes that you want in a good book are in The Last Pilgrims"
~ Herrick Kimball, The Deliberate Agrarian Read the full review


"It has all of the elements of a good story -- action, suspense, surprises, lessons, things to make you think, information, etc. It kept me interested; Mr. Bunker did an excellent job of painting the pictures with his words, even with minute details; the characters are interesting and developed pretty well; and, even though I'm not really a fan of fiction, I appreciate the creativity in being able to invent a well-thought-out story and then tell it well."
~ David Sifford, The Sifford Sojournal Read the full review


"I can start this review by saying... I didn't want to put this book down! ...The characters are well developed - they come to life and seem like real people you could sit down and talk to. I have found myself thinking - I think Ruth would do... or Phillip would probably think.... Jonathan would have a good idea about how to do... I am looking forward to spending more time with them in the future books..."
~ Chara, Stitching Hearts Together Read the full review


I felt drawn to the young girl, Ruth, who was a tomboy coming into womanhood. I could see the friendship between Phillip and Jonathan and feel the grief when loved ones died...
The book makes you think deeply about the possibility of such a collapse in the real world. You ask yourself, "Is it possible?" "Could this happen on some level?" And the answer you have to give yourself is, … "Yes."
~ Sylvia, Christian HomeKeeper Network Read the full review

If you were a fan of the TV show JERICHO, Gwen, the owner of the SAVE JERICHO Facebook Page very positively reviewed The Last Pilgrims (see above), and a reviewer on Amazon.com said about The Last Pilgrims that it is "Better than The Hunger Games"!

Be sure to check out the The Last Pilgrims book trailers on the book website, and if you are on Facebook you can check out The Last Pilgrims at http://facebook.com/thelastpilgrims

We are working with Michael Bunker to help this independently published novel get the attention and audience it deserves. To that end, we are asking everyone to BUY THE BOOK tomorrow, February 24, 2012 on Amazon.com. Doing so will help drive The Last Pilgrims up the Amazon.com bestselling rankings, garnering more attention and "buzz" for the book.

I'm stepping up to help promote this book, because I think a good, clean, fun, and educational book that is exciting AND family friendly is something this world needs. Perhaps you think so too. Please help out and consider buying the book tomorrow on Amazon.com, and if you would like to help, feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in this incredible book.

Thank you!

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