12 December, 2011

Root Cellar Progress

I have a difficult time updating projects as they go on. There is nothing inherently wrong w/ that, but the point of this blog is to keep friends & family posted as to what is going on & when. I just tend to wait until it's all put together & look pretty. So I apologize for not being current. Here is my new desktop picture of Mike looking super manly after COMPLETING THE ROOT CELLAR DIGOUT! He's holding the actual tools used to perform this feat.
He's about 5'10". BDU's are the best work clothes.
My uncle Cecil & our neighbor putting up forms in preparation of pouring the footer.
Our neighbor has a cement mixer & helped w/ a lot of the magic.
He's also the only one we know who knows how to lay block. I think Mike has it figured out now. You can never know too many things.

We're actually much further but that's all that's uploaded. Thanks to good neighbors, visiting family & church family for all of the help in this project.

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