14 December, 2011

Just a Little Victor Post

Victor is an odd child. I think all 3 of them are but he is the oldest & certainly the leader. His oddness is filtered down through the girls & changes into something nicer. Charlotte was telling me the prettiest story about finding a baby Pegasus under a leaf up on top of the hill where the rope was & how she had brought it home in her pocket & it was now sitting by me on the ledge of the bathtub.
I mentioned it casually to Victor & he assented but the baby Pegasus was being protected by a Pegasus army led by the daddy Pegasus & they were all war Pegusi (sp?) & had unicorn horns that could breathe out fire. You know how that goes.
One morning he bounce out of his room & asked if I could put wings on his stuffed snake, Squirm. I was taken aback & immediately enchanted though I had never considered adding such a task to my to-do list. I drew out a pattern, selected fabric that he approved of & a week later he had a Wyvern. I keep calling him Squirvern though that infuriates him, though I don't mean to. I do it rather thoughtlessly.

We are only on lesson 38 of "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" but he's a good reader & occasionally uses expression in his reading voice after going over the story a couple of times. I have him read to me in the kitchen as I'm prepping meals & sometimes he'll volunteer to read to the girls. He really does too, library books.

I was coming out of the bathroom today & he yells out, "Mumma, I know how soldiers say "Z""

As he is always rearranging words into how he thinks soldiers say something I was prepared for something out there & wacky, but he triumphantly said, "Zulu!"

I was floored! That is how you say Z in soldier talk when relaying a transmission. The radio was off & there was no movie on. I walked out of the bedroom & he is stretched out in front of the book case reading an old copy of the Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks. I didn't know we still had one, much less on on our book case.

"I'm going to look at bombs next."

I'm really not sure what we're raising. He loves his Bible stories & is always bringing me his theological questions & observations which are usually astute. But his overriding passion & the theme & source of all of his games are war & soldiering & getting to be a grown up as fast as he can.


Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

Welcome to having home schooled children. Home - where creativity is allowed to take its own form; where children get to learn, not just the essentials, but also what's important to them and interests them.

Today, I got to listen to my 9 yr old give hubby a full exposition on bombardier beetles. He was very animated and excited about voicing his spontaneous recitations, LOL.

Mrs. V said...

Ha, they certainly do, we're schooling more formally this year though we aren't required to send our notice until next year. We did try to channel this soliering a bit when we were breaking ground for the root cellar. We told him & actually had a lesson on the proper construction of a foxhole & he was enthusiastic for the first 15 minutes. This has been going on for nearly all of his 6 years though. I can't wait for spring, we'll start our nature journals regularly & maybe he'll get into beetles.
I put one of his GI Joes in front of a pair of romanticly minded praying mantis' & yelled that he was under alien attack. He went beserk! It was so funny, the Joe's battle buddy rushed in & trampled all of the hosta to get his friend cleared from the threat. I'm not sure which is better, their stories or the enthusiasm.