01 December, 2011

Gifts Galore

This fall has been so much fun & very busy. We had lots of family visit us throughout the week & as usual we got to go out & see new stuff in our area. We're not usually proactive in our sightseeing & almost never knowledgeable in where we take our guests. We go & explore along w/ them, which it probably oughtn't to be like that, but it is. Here's from a walk we took my mother in law dragged us on. It was beautiful! But Miranda is officially too heavy for me to climb mountains w/ her on my back, this was her last long trip in her carrier.It's another reason I'm grateful that we can homeschhool. On our mountain walk Victor kept running ahead & I threatened to put him in a kindergarten classroom on a Tuesday morning instead.
"Ahhhh! You'll never do it, I won't let you!" he screamed diving up a side trail that I couldn't climb w/ Miranda on my back. We all laughed & Mike followed him up.

This is from my father in law from the local brewery. He gave me a "growler" (Half gallon) of pumpkin ale. It was SO GOOD! I drank 3 pints after a heavy meal which in hindsight is gluttony & 1 pint too many for a sitting for me. So I drank & blogged. I'm a much freer talker w/ a drink in me. You take the jug back & they'll refill it for $10.00.
This is from my aunt though she mightn't have known it. She gave us some money to fix or get a new washer as ours just completely flooded the house twice for 2 different reasons. Mike matched her & I got my wringer. English people call it a mangle, which I like better. It puts a wonderful crease in diapers, cloths & towels & is a wrist saver.
This was from Mike. He got tired of seeing me carry buckets of stuff everywhere & waited until he could afford steel handles (he accidently snapped the wooded ones off of our last one) & a run flat tire. The goat shed got a very thorough mucking, the gardens have been amended & it's also served as a cement hod for the root cellar.
Apple sauce from deer apples. It's a little more work but much cheaper & maybe you can't tell but Mike got me some Tattlers. They work great!
My kitchen is prettier thanks to mom & her friend Bill. They brought me her old buffet & I'm using it as a sideboard. Or a credenza. What is the difference? I don't know, but now I've a proper place for table linens, aprons, napkins & miscellaney. The only bad part was when I cut off a head of garlic & dirt would fall into the tea cups. The garlic is mostly in the ground now.
Isn't it a pretty piece? I have been so blessed this season by neighbors & family. The visits were the most wonderful, especially since there were years between them. It's been a very whirlwind season & I'm afraid winter following will be dull.

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