19 August, 2010

Not Here

Apologies all around. I've not been on the computer every day to even check my email much less check out everyone else's blogs. I hope everyone is doing well. Well, this is our first week of homeschooling & so far it is a greater success than all of my many, many other efforts.
I would LOVE to teach how our forefathers were taught. Love, love, love it. I might be the only homeschool mom that has actually tried to use the New England Primer (A. In Adam's fall we sinned all.) because at the same time as much as I am a fan of the Puritans Victor is not. And how can he be? I've not yet taught him. So in our homeschool loop someone posted this site:
http://letteroftheweek.com/ . With no forethought or planning, we started it the next day & he is loving it.
Though I am excited & enthused w/ learning to read w/ phonics, school w/ all of my many, many failed attempts would only strike a fear of drudgey into his heart. So, I am trying to relax & recapture the funness that comes w/ learning. I love to learn & will spend all day reading if I could, even now. But it must be very hard for someone who can't read. I read about people who teach their children to read at 4 & found myself discouraged. His 4th year is halfway over.
There is SO MUCH I want to share. Our state does not require you to send a notice of homeschooling until the child is 7. I never learned to read a word until I was 7. This week at the store the manager ringing us up asked Victor if we were going to do anything fun this afternoon & he nodded affirmatively, "Yes, school!" Warm fuzzies all around.
Miranda's first tooth erupted this weekend. She is such a pleasant teether; Charlotte put everyone through hell for every tooth. I'm giving her more tastes of things before I did the others too.
We've had no rain for the longest of times & then 3" in one day. Mike had planned ahead & dug some ditches to improve drainage up our back road. The rain blew & flowed into the goathouse, so they didn't have a dry place to sleep. Mike got them some pallets & cut them to fit so that they could have dry straw. He's been working pretty hard during this break between semesters.
We've been leaving the goats off of their leads for about 3 weeks & they were very good about not going into the garden. Then all of a sudden one day they found it & we chased them out 4 or 5 times before putting them back on their leads. I finished the fence around & considered it done, but no. Annie climbed up the fencing & trapped herself inside. I thought maybe a palisade would do the trick, so that is tomorrow's project. The summer garden was nearly finished anyways, it's time to think of a fall one, though I've never done a fall garden.
Here are the pictures, I know that that is what the family really wants anyways, ha.

Mike had enough of the beard in this heat & much to my chagrin, shaved the sides. Here is my favorite beard picture of him in tribute:Here he is after he's shaved. He does look nice, but I prefer the beard & am posting this picture in his high socks as revenge.
Looking at all of these pictures you might get the wrong idea about headcoverings in our house. Charlotte actually doesn't cover every day. I wish she would, she's so pretty in them, but I don't force it. Her favorite is a denim bucket hat she calls her Lady Hat, I think from Sir Topham Hatt's wife on Thomas. The pink one I ordered from http://www.headcoverings.com/


prayzgod said...

My little girl does cover full time, along with me. It's just part of our every day morning routine now.

Oh, and I'm "one of those people" who teach their children to read, at age four, LOL. My three boys all learned to read at age four, and now my little girl (age three, almost four) just completed her first week of reading lessons. This week was/is our first home school week of the year.

My kids are now 5th grade, 3rd grade, 1st grade, and K4. ~Exciting and busy~

I use "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" for the kiddos, but I also have and have used "The New England Primer," and "Blue Backed Speller," along with some "McGuffey's."

I like to use the three above with my children in first grade, at around age 6, to reinforce their reading skills. They LOVE those books, LOL.

Anyhoo, glad to see you back in blog land. :-)

Mrs. V said...

Ha, ha, Candy, you're the main person I was thinking of w/ 4 year old reading. I think I've been reading your blog for 2 years? Maybe 3? I've got the Primer, the Speller & just received the McGuffey's. I can't wait! I just get too intense when I'm into something & I think I've scared him off a little. :( I am going to look into the 100 Lessons today,to see what he thinks, our library has it.
I mainly don't push Charlotte to cover so much because she's a vain little monkey. She found a mirror when she was around 9 months & has never stopped staring at herself. She uses the scarves as her "pretties" which is not quite their intent, lol."Look at me, Daddy, look at me brudder." All day long. We can't go to town w/out her hearing from at least 3 different people how pretty she is.

prayzgod said...

Yes, my daughter always gets called pretty and beautiful as well. She loves shoes (I don't) and she is always asking me to put make up on her. I think a lot of it is just that it is ingrained in little girls to want to be pretty princesses. We just need to tell our little girls that what makes them truly pretty is what type of person they are inside.

Have you read the book "Maidens of Virtue?" I'm going to go through it with my little girl when she is a teen. I've read it twice - great book. :-)