27 July, 2010

Tuesdays I'm w/ My Manlet

Yes, I've borrowed alot of ideas from my friend Kristal & Date Night is the latest. Victor was getting more & more belligerent, disobedient, backtalking, etc. I was in despair over all the discipline so I figured we just needed more time together. Tuesday date night has been going on for 3 weeks now & the result is amazing. I put the girls to bed 1/2 an hour early & he stays up until 9. On our first date we played army games w/ the little plastic green soldiers but it quickly evolved into a rescue mission over into a remote mountainous village where a volcano was about to erupt. But the initial party was captured by the villagers themselves because it was zombie lava! AHHH! IF YOU TOUCH THE LAVA YOU WILL BECOME A ZOMBIE!

NO! I HAVE ANTI ZOMBIE LASERS ON MY TANK MAMA, THEY ALLOW ME TO RUN OVER YOU! Unhhh, brains! Zombie soldiers are everywhere & the AC kicks on, fluttering our mountain layout simulating earth tremors. Only the air patrol is safe, the rest of the unit doomed to a hellish unthinking existence.

The next week we went on a night time nature hike & the 3rd we crawled all over the loggers equipment before retiring to the stream out front to repair a dam. I have no idea what we'll do this week, I'll leave it up to him. Here's the officer for the woodland (woodland vs. desert camo) team.

He's so happy though, talks about Tues. plans & has a countdown going on all week long. Charlotte w/ out an afternoon nap drives everyone crazy, if it's too bad, she'll go down at 6:30 but that extra hour & 1/2 is so worth it.

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Home Instead said...

What a fun date. I've been slipping with my date nights which are now date days because I can't stay up at night. Finally last week I took each of the kids on a date, well all except one his will be this week. I want to be committed to it, because I know when they're teenagers I'll really want to go on dates with them and talk to them. I want to be their friend and walk them through those years. I know that I have to lay the groundwork now, it's just I'm sooooo tired. :-) I'm glad you are all doing well. Talk to you soon.