23 August, 2010

Modest Mom Tutorial

Everyone has different modesty standards & mine have changed drastically in the last 5 years. They've evolved to nothing above the knee, skirts/dresses as feminine attire & on top, tight enough to show I'm a woman, loose enough to be a lady. My bottom line is if it is 3 finger widths below my collarbone, I won't wear it out of the house. (I have a few dresses I've made that I neglected to make a muslin run on first) I really think girls have absolutely no idea what constitutes as modest; I certainly didn't realize that absolutely everything sold in stores will make a young man stumble until I read the modesty survey over at http://www.therebelution.com/modestysurvey/ I kind of threw up my hands in despair, because I hate layering & that seems to be the only solution.

But have you ever found something you really liked at a thrift store w/ no dressing room? It's a risky buy & just such a thing happened over this winter. I found a denim dress I liked, w/ a high waistline (I was 6 months along.), pintucks & pearly buttons. I like pintucks, I like pearls, I need buttons for nursing & denim always wears well, so I spent the money. I actually have a flowered print in a very similar pattern, just a different neckline.

The dress didn't live up to my expectations. Turns out denim is too heavy for the delicate pearl buttons on it (I'd either pop them off or they would unfasten of their own accord). I lost 2 climbing into Mikes truck. I found one, but the other is gone. I've finally sewn a seam into the skirt part, so that problem is solved. I couldn't sew the neckline closed, it would be useless for nursing. I have these really good "cami's that cover" from http://www.sakurarose.com/. They did well for covering, but made nursing difficult due to their length. So I made a sort of cleavage cover.

A cleavage cover has all of the advantages of a camisole w/out the heat that comes from wearing 2 layers & trying to adjust an undershirt while nursing. Don't laugh at me, this works.
For the purposes of this tutorial you will need a nursing bra & a pair of your little girls panties.

Ha, ha, I bet you're getting the idea. These are a size T2 & I think a 3 would be more comfortable, but she's only 2 as yet. I also do not allow her to wear these.

Slip the crotch of the panties over the middle of the bra like so...

Unsnap the nursing hooks & resnap around the waist line.

Hmmm, that picture looks confusing. Here's the finished product:

It does look scrunchy but it evens out when you wear it. As I said , I probably need a size T3, but my figure changes so much every year, a 2 will probably fit well after she starts solids.


Home Instead said...

Wow! You should completely get some kind of inovative award for that. This must be the most creative solution and economical solution to undershirts I've ever seen! Glad ya'll are doing so well.

Anonymous said...

OK That is a COOL Idea.


Anonymous said...

Wow that's genius!