23 April, 2010

Spring Projects

This'll be a pictue update/ land tour. I'm hoping this will help to show my absence on this blog, lol. Spring has sprung w/ a vengence hereabouts down yonder in our hollow or holler, depending on where you be from. My proper english seems to be on hiatus today & I'm just going to let it slide as I'm typing left handed.

This project post commences w/ the plank bridge across the branch (stream: more akin to a constant running ditch) Mike built w/ Victor on a lazy afternoon. Victor likes to sail his man/ action figure underneath & watch for crawdads which seem to be plentiful.

This is where Mike had wanted to put some goats should we ever be so blessed. It took him 2 days to clear this out.

DV, the end result is Goat Paradise. Lots of stumps to be nimble on.

Plan B. After doing all that work he decided to build a goat house on the concrete pad instead. This is where the metal shed met it's end this winter due to the heavy snows we had. He spent many winter sessions trying to shoot it down to no avail, so he finally just hitched it to the truck & pulled it down. I think goats would be happy here too, we just need another gate.

This is the beginning of our canning/ summer kitchen he built. Since we'd like to forego the AC & try to preserve our own food, this will hopefully kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone because the kitchen heats up pretty good. This is pretty optimistic of us since I've never actually canned, but a lady at church is very willing to teach so I'm pretty excited over the prospect. It's also our new grill.

Remember our garden plot the electric company so kindly donated their old poles to us for?

The dirt coming in...

And here's 1/2 of it laid in. I've not got the whole of it laid out or planted yet but it's coming. I kind of go square footish but I tend to fill in the squares w/ only 1 kind of produce. Strawberries & onions are sharing squares, But I've got 2 garlic plots,, 1 of beans, 2 strawberry plant (SO sweet!) 4 tomatoes & I suspect a cuke. Either that or a melon, I forgot what I planted. Also a pea patch. I like the square foot way for the paths between & lack of thinning rather than just rows. My carrots failed to put in an appearance as well as the lettuce. Watering is the toughest thing, I just barely get to it at all. Miranda doesn'tlike being outside & since she sleeps all night though, her naps are short & far between. We make do & God provided a 1/4" this week.

My personal project is getting rid of baby weight. Elastic is getting to be a tiresome friend. Mike caught this shot of me preparing to hike up the hill. Miranda is helping me to rid myself of extra weight w/ her own tiny addition & I've got one of the shotguns since our property backs onto the bear preserve. It's a fairly uphill walk & he caught this shot as I was starting out.

This shows off Mike's personal project fairly well & that is his beard. Isn't it awesome? He had his hair cut & beard trimmed up a bit after this picture was taken for a wedding & I find it terribly attractive. I took this as a "most sensitive man in the world" picture.

And of course our most rewarding...


prayzgod said...

My carrots and lettuce haven't made their official appearance yet, but I still think they may poke up soon.

Love the picture of you with the baby and shotgun - too cute. :-)

prayzgod said...

Update - Okay, my carrots are showing now. I think I have some lettuce showing, but I'm not sure yet. I have one zucchini that may be starting to show, but am not sure yet. Pretty much everything else is going well now.

Mrs. V said...

I just think my germination rate is null; alot of my seeds were stored in our shed over the summer & they probably cooked:(