28 April, 2010

Yes, it's a Clayton

I had some kind of weird comment moderation on, I apologize. Anyone can now comment unless it's inapproprite. Candy over at Keeping the Home http://myblessedhome.blogspot.com/ is a Clayton Head, which happens to be the type of modular home we purchased. My being from Missouri, modular homes are not a good idea anywhere in the midwest unless you have a basement foundation. Here in the mountains, we're on cinderblock piers. Husband & I are very pleased w/ it; it's the largest & most spacious home we've ever lived in. As we were having it inspected prior to purchase the inspector remarked that he lived in one as well & that they were much more sturdily built than stick built houses, which was what we had in Va.

This is our our 97' Elkton in the winter:

Very cozy, but prettier in the spring!

My favorite things about this particular house are the kitchen windows at the sink. I have no dishwasher so 2 windows, one up the driveway, the other at the sideyard are very nice while washing, especially since I've never had a sink window before. In a few years I'd like to put those garden/greenhousy windows in there, because this seems to be the place to start my seeds. It's also the spot where I put my bread to rise.

Also we have very vaulted ceilings. They help to keep it cooler in the heat by alot, though it is admittedly harder to keep it warm in the winter. The previous owner had been a smoking trucker & he left his own plusses & minuses. Plus #1- a 3 ton air handler, industrial grade. It keeps the house cool (were we to use it) & very warm, could we afford it. But it kept the house at a very steady 62 all winter. Plus #2, he also installed a mega hot water heater in which you can have 2 showers going at once along w/ a load of whites & the supper dishes after company is over. That only happened once, but we were suitably impressed. The minuses are all cosmetic & not worth mentioning again, I think they're in a previous post.

We're also on well & septic, so electricity is our only house bill. Though I'm somewhat envious of Candy's laundry room I love our house! What's your favorite thing about yours?


prayzgod said...

Yay for Claytons! I love re-visiting the tour of your beautiful house. And yes, your house looks extra nice in the spring, with all of the green around it.

I know a lot of people who have said that they'd buy a Clayton if they were moving. I have a friend in a Fleetwood, and she's wanting to sell it and get a Clayton. In fact, she's got her eye one already.

Thank you for the comment about my laundry room - that was one of the reasons I knew this was a 'yes' house for me. Another biggie was the garden tub, but you already know about how nice that is, since you and I have the same tub. :-)

Lamb Chop said...

'97 Clayton here, too! Our land is still full of ruts from moving the home in... 8-)

Amanda said...

I love your sink windows that I have seen in other posts. The house we currently live in has a terrible kitchen located in the center of the house. It is dark and cave like and not welcoming or warm. We are looking at a double wide to rent to own. I am crossing my fingers and toes that we get it and it has windows in the kitchen, even if it is not a sink window!

Mrs. V said...

I still love the windows a year later though I have to climb on the counters to open them. I've got quite a few tomato spouts living there & an African Violet has joined the triangle, along w/ the cat's food/water dish.