30 August, 2009

RVing Experiment Day 4

Laundry at the campground I can see will get to be an expensive affair. The day before Cid had deployed the awning. We don't think we did it right, but it certainly served its purpose & more; as my new clothes line. A wash is $1.50. Drying is the same. I only washed & dried 2 loads, no separating colors & it was a chore to always be scrambling after quarters.

On Fri. the day before we left my new washing machine had come in from http://lehmans.com/, the Rapid Washer. I've also seen it called the Yukon Plunger, which is exactly what it is; a steel plunger, but fabricated in such a way as to force the water & detergeant through your fabrics using less of both. There is a laundry sink in the bath house, so I decided diapers would be my experiment. I knew hand washing clothes for a novice would be hard & to that end I was also frantically trying to locate a wringer in good shape, but it wasn't to be. I do keep a washboard under the bathroom sink at my house, but that's only for pretreatment.

The Rapid washer is wonderful! It did take some muscle, but I think I overfilled the sink. I had watched a demo & they washed in a bucket. I put the diapers in to soak, took my shower & came out to plunge, changing the water twice, rinsing them individually & wrung them out. It was the wringing that gave me a blister, I plan to intensify my search for a wringer. As to drying, I had no line, so I broke down our camp table a bit & used it as a rack & then just started clipping to the awning.

As it happens, all of the weekly rentals face north so my sun exposure wasn't that great. It's also cooler in the mountains & this gave me some valuable experience for which I'm grateful. As much as I hate to do it, the flannel sleep diapers I made will have to go. They're super absorbent, but need more than a day to dry. The prefolds are only slightly less so which leaves...flatfolds! I remember reading this recomendation by Carla Emory & I don't know many to buy, but 1 of Charlotte's evacuations is more than that can handle even w/ a doubler. So, I guess I'll just work harder to potty train her when we get out there for good. Flatfolds dry in about 3 hours on a cool north facing day & come out the cleanest.

Other fun things we did include touring the Linville Caverns, a small little cave system, but w/ some neat stories. According to our guide, North & South soldiers would walk a 1/4 mile through thigh high water just to reach a sandbar to sleep on. I guess they were AWOL, they had a fire going under there & the smoke coming up from the ground is how they were discovered. A couple of boys got lost in the 19teens 7 took 2 days of walking through that cold water in pitch blackness. They were saved but found w/ cuts all over & severe hypothermia. Also, it only takes 6 months of solid darkness to lose your sight forever. I had never heard that before. There were beautiful speckled trout all around & giant rocks & paths to climb, it was fun. My nieces drove back to Ga. & Fla. from there & we all went home.


Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

I just got caught up on your blog. I'm so sorry for your horrible week! I just wanted to pick up the phone and call you, but I don't know what I did with your cell phone number. I'll be praying for you and for Victor. I pray for quick healing and for God to give each of you comfort and grace. If you need someone to agree with you in prayer, please call me and I'll pray with you over the phone. Praying you,

Mrs. Cid said...

It does sound negative, doesn't it? Yet it wasn't. God has definitly (why can I never spell that word?) used this to restore my faith in hospitals & doctors. They really let us feel in control of our health. I'm still hoping for a homebirth, but I won't be fearful if it ends up otherwise.I can't call you until the first I think, we're way over on min., opting only for 450 a month, no weekends or after 9's. I think that may have been a mistake. But I'll call you soon!