30 August, 2009

RVing Experiment Days 5 & 6

Today we did nothing. I did another load of diapers & at 1:00 we headed out to Ashville (pronounced Ashvulle by the locals) for my followup appointment at 2:30. We got arrived 15 min. late due to a tractor, a train & getting turned around in town. We had planned to go to Darrin & Carrie's afterwards but we were there for 4 hours just to get an ultrasound. They were very nice as usual & at least this time there were magazines.

I got through an entire Architectural Digest & some mother child magazine, which mostly just disgusted me. It's main focus seemed to be how to not look like a mother, spend a ton of money on must have baby things & carve out all of this "me time" to include going out w/ the girls. Just dump the new baby on the husband, he surely won't be having sleepless nights & hard days at work. After all you deserve it! Nothing sets my hair on fire faster or more often than "I deserve (fill in the blank) for me" That, to me is a pillar of our country's rotten foundation.

We saw the ultrasound, Cid & the children too & all looks normal & well. She said the clot could pass or be reabsorbed. By this time it was too late to see the family, so we went home & found a cool barbecue place. There's a smoke house thing welded to look like a revolver w/ the barrel smoking some kind of delicious wood smoke out into the air. It's on a little trailer that says United States 2nd Amendment. Cid took pictures on the phone instead of the camera, so I haven't seen them yet. I've still to play w/ the phone.

Jackson hasn't fared so well at my brother in law's. Adrian said she loved the car ride, which I thought she might & that she hung around the house for an hour & then took off. Amanda said she came back later that night, ate some food & took off again. She was last seen by the neighbor Charles who was about to shoot her w/ his .45 driving along until he saw her collar. By all reports she was happily chasing a rabbit. But poor Victor! He & Jackson have this strange relationship where she permits him to love on her & he is returned the privileged by her sleeping on his bunk. Well, the first night she wasn't there on his bunk (Tues., this account is not as chronological as I would have liked.) he lost it. Crying & sobbing over & over "I want Jackson! But I love her!" until 9 at night.

I brought him by the fire so Daddy & uncle Kevin could help me out. I have never seen him so heartbroken & feel awful. We prayed about it afterwards promised we would go to uncle Darrin's again & look for her. Day after day though, something has come up, whether it be late at a cave, a doctor's appointment or something. So we didn't actually go until Fri. I was very careful not to say find Jackson, but to go see the kitties. He loves Charlie, a big Burmese & Sonny, a friendly ginger kitten. By the time Fri. had rolled around he had gotten it into his head that the 3 cats were riding a horse (Pepper) & going on butterfly hunts together.I didn't exactly disagree w/ him, but tried to encourage him to come for a walk in the woods on uncle Darrin's newly cut trail so that we could see what Jackson's new house looks like.

He was very excited, pointing out every fallen tree that could make a bridge for her, other trees w/ low branches she could climb, little animals she could chase, etc. As we rested & visited w/ Charles & Vangie, Victor decided that Jackson had actually gone to Fla. w/ uncle Kevin on his motorcycle. He's always thinking of something different. I am trying to discourage that one. On the way back he maturely declared "I was sad about Jackson at first, but now I am happy for her." I am not happy for her, but I am proud of him for being able to see beyond his own wants. She was miserable in the trailer, & has always seemed to be a bit feral. She attacks strangers who visit & even her vet won't handle her w/out gassing her first. I still feel like a dirt bag who dumps unwanted animals in the country though that was never my intent. She's not even a very good hunter, though she did chase a bird into our bedroom once. She's too skinny for winter & winter comes early in the mountains. So I feel do feel bad, though I know if she can make it the next several months she will be happier. Provided a coyote doesn't eat her.

We went home & I made Beanie Weenie's. Another first for our family. It was really good! I used up the leftover barbecue & sauce from the restaurant. I've learned some things cooking on a propane stove. There are only 2 heat settings, Light & High. The fan MUST be on & there is no simmering, only constant stirring. I definitely plan on more cast iron fire cooking in the future. That night we had a terrific electrical storm, I was glad no one was camping in the tents. The campground is in a flood zone, the drive filled up fast. But lightning all around! I had laid Victor & Charlotte down at 7 since Cid wanted to be down at 8. We planned on waking up at 3:30 to leave by 4. Victor is so scared of storms & I've not yet outgrown my fear, but Charlotte slept through it all. I remember sleeping in my parents room at his age & then later sleeping in my closet. We let him sleep on the couch by our bed. I was thankful he didn't ask about Jackson.

We didn't actually leave until 5 & had a nice drive home stopping at our favorite Cracker Barrel (In Mebane, great service!) at 8. We used well over 100 gallons of fuel & Cid got some valuable towing experience. We took one scenic path through Va., which is very scenic. Despite all of its eventfulness, we had a good time & everyone honestly enjoyed it. The children all stayed on schedule. We did no book school work, but there was lots of other things to learn. Victor was very pleased to look back over the week & see all of the fun he had w/ out tv. We wanted to see what life was going to be like & I'm glad that we're not going into it w/ rosy tinted spectacles. Life is such a good & perfect gift from above & I'm so blessed & humbled at the care He's shown us through doctors to wonderful RV neighbors that I didn't even mention to family. We're hoping to get out back out there soon for good & continue this journey He's called us on.

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