26 August, 2009

RVing Experiment Days 2 & 3

Mon. was a vacation from hell sort of day by most standards, but a wonderful opportunity to have our faith & family tried & tested for which I'm thankful. The adventures began at 5 in the morning. The day before, the water hadn't been draining, so we had pulled the RV out again & ramped it up on one side to make it tilt towards the drains; the whole camper is tilted to the port side. Victor is a thrashy sort of sleeper, & him being on the top bunk he fell right out, shaking everything. That isn't saying much, a walking cat shakes the camper. But this was a very big shake. He was hysterical & not making sense, though I didn't try, I just put him to bed again next to daddy & climbed up myself to finish sleep in his bunk.

He slept late, which was good. Charlotte woke up at 5:30 so I nursed her & went to shower. After that around 7 as I was beginning breakfast & I noticed it felt like I was peeing, though not. It ended up being blood & not having any feminine products I used a one of Charlottes diapers. I soaked it in 5 min. I hollered to Cid that I was miscarrying & by the time he had waken up & gone to the store (in record time!) I had gone through 2 diapers. When everyone was dressed & fed I had gone through 2 heavy flow overnight maxi's. Victor did not want to wake up & cried alot when getting dressed; fairly atypical for him. I had decided his shoulder was broken, but he could move his arm in all directions fairly easily; we decided that he could stay back & go fishing w/ everyone else while I went to the hospital in Ashville.

We got there around 10:00 & it was a long 6 hour procedure, mostly w/ waiting. Every one was so nice, I have never had a more pleasant hospital staff experience in my life. They gave me an ultrasound, honored my wishes to have a female OB & were just so nice & compassionate. During the ultrasound I saw the baby still moving around very vigorously heart rate at 140 bpm, I was so happy. But, though the baby is healthy, it looks as if there is a blood clot on or under the placenta & my cervix is dilated a bit; so it could be the beginning of a miscarriage. We have a follow-up on Thurs. for another exam & ultrasound. I'm typing this on Wed. & still bleeding, though not nearly as heavy. I'm nervous of what we'll see, but thankful to God for the 2 bessings I do have & the 2 days more I've gotten to carry this little life. The doctor said that while it isn't usual she sees it enough to not call it unusual. She does work at a big research hospital though. She wanted to keep me there overnight in case I did miscarry & bleed out; it's a 30 min. drive from where we're at. That would have driven me crazy; nothing to do but think & stare at the wall or curtain. I'd rather swat flies out at the RV, so that's what I opted for.

When we got home Victor was asleep & my niece said he'd been quiet all day & not talking much except to refuse ice & tell everyone I had given him Tylenol. When I walked in he was awake on the couch laying down. He lifted his arms & said in his sweet little boy voice "Oh mommy I'm so glad you are here, I was waiting for you!" I melted.

His shoulder really was bugging him, so the next day as Charlotte & I did laundry & caught up, he went to the emegency room to meet a Dr. Vladimir who declared his collarbone completely snapped & separated the width of Cid's pinkie. He said had he been an adult they would have had to perform surgery. They were mostly worried about his lung being punctured, something which, I confess had never entered my mind.

Again, I was impressed at the staff at this (another) hospital. 10 x-rays had been ordered, but the xray tech took a look at Victor & said he wasn't comfortable giving such a little guy so much radiation. Maybe he saved my grandchildren. He took 1 picture at a time & carried it to the doctor who approved & ended up being satisfied w/ 4. I felt terrible, my brave little guy. Cid had gotten him doughnuts, his usual reward for staying dry all night (2 nights in a row!) & he had gotten a race car from the x-ray tech, so he was perfectly happy.

He has to wear a weird harness thing to keep his arms back, it looks like he's standing at attention. But, praise God, he's doing much better, just changing colors like a chameleon.

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