25 August, 2009

RVing Experiment Day 1

Well, here we are in Marion Nc. We left & drove all day Sat. It is BEAUTIFUL here. Kudzu, the plant that ate the south makes the mountains look a bit alien, but still very pretty views. It is also a whole different kind of people here. Sun. we ate breakfast at an immaculate McDonalds that was slam packed w/ drive-thru around the corner & we got our food w/in 3 min. of ordering. We ate out in the play area & out of every 10 vehicles 4 were trucks & 2 were diesels. Diesels, diesels, everywhere. I love it. Some other ladies wore headcoverings as well.
Our site backs up right onto the Catawba river & it made me a little nervous at first. Nc. is low on building regulations, the river goes down at a steep incline & there's no fence of any sort to stop disobedient or very young children from sliding down & cracking skulls on rocks. Street lights either. Victor has been a model child this whole trip. 2 boys, Andrew & Timmy 6 & 4 live near the campground & have really taken to Victor. They have every toy in the world in their yard, but they only have eyes for Victor's rifle & tank. He's so happy to have someone to share w/.
We've been to Darrin & Carrie's, (Cid's brother) once so far, going back tomorrow. They have goats & chickens & we've been goat wrangling & shooting. Victor likes the goats, but freaks out when they run around him. He held a leafy branch a little too high over Grace, who couldn't reach it & got kicked in the chest for teasing. I don't think he realized he was teasing, but now he knows.
We took our cats on this trip & they had a horrible experience riding the RV down here. It was alot bumpier than I had thought it would be w/ driving rain a portion of the way from the rain bands of Hurricane Bill. I think. Anyway pets are allowed at the campground, but only on leashes. Ahhh! After 3 days Jackson has reverted to her agoraphobic shredding self & Buck needs to play. Poor beasties. We sent Jackson over to Darrin's w/ plans to do the same for Buck. Jackson is evil, but likes car rides, so we sent her w/ my niece who has a very quiet motor. She freaked out when I tried to put her in the truck. She knows the sound. I'll try to post day 2 tonight.

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