28 May, 2009

The Terrific Bite

Terrific-L. terrificus from terreo, terror & facio. Dreadful; causing terror; adapted to excite great fear or dread; as a terrific form, a terrific sight.

Basically terror crossed w/ horrific.

My children are both wonderful & terrifying simultaneously; at least those 2 emotions vie together most frequently throughout the day. Victor & Charlotte are both wonderful huggers, frequently lovey, Charlotte always to Victor, he to her only occasionally. They always bring me things, tell me stories & vice versa, love to play games, try to outdo each other w/ their chores & in general I usually want 12 children. Some days though I wonder how these came to be mine.

In Wal-Mart today Victor was pushing the cart for me & Charlotte bent over & bit his hand. Hard. I couldn't figure out why he was screaming at first & I saw him trying to move his hand but he just couldn't. She had a huge mouthful of his fingers wrapped around the cart & this bite was just going on & on until I slapped her on the leg. So her screaming matched his which had increased exponentially. Poor Victor, Charlotte has Spongebob teeth on top & bottom teeth like a mule. She is getting her incisors & molars all together right now & usually her bites aren't bad. I figured this was our just punishment for going to Wal-Mart in the first place. I hate Wal-Mart & I manage to go about once a year (3x so far this year :(, but w/ ammo prices going up, Cid has been shopping there more frequently. I got 5 boxes of .45, 100 rounds for $30.00! Cid says he he saw boxes of 50 going for $40.00 other places. They were out of almost everything though. Rabbit trail!

Charlotte turns 1 soon & I meant to talk about her, but I got distracted w/ my 1928 Webster's dictionary. I've got her birth story mostly typed up but this new Vista system won't let me type on Word at all when I can even find Word. I used to love Word, now I dread it. However, I've figured out my picture files a bit, so we'll see her first steps. Never mind, now I can't figure out the blogger. I'm off to get diapers off of the line before the rain moves in.


The Sustaires said...

I saw your post on Michael's site and enjoyed it! It's great to see you have a blog too. I look forward to reading it.

Also it seems that with my little girls an embarrassing incident at Walmart is mandatory! (although we don't go that often either) They could be at the height of training, manners, and good moods that day and I think that a visit to Walmart just reprograms their brains.
Hope to read more soon!

Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

It was fun hanging out with you a couple of weeks ago despite the drama. I can't wait to plant, but first I have to mow and weed. We are loving our new abode. I can't wait for you all to come and visit. I could totally see you with 12 or more children. When you watched the kids for me that time I had to go to the doctor, I remember telling my husband you were the only person I knew who could handle all of the kids at one time and not lose your cool. Look forward to seeing you soon.