04 June, 2009

Current Adventures

I'm so excited & humbled, God has enabled us to obey Him regarding being separate. Cid is in the process of medically retiring from the military, & he is wasting no time getting us out of here though it may be months for him to be officially out. We've been looking at campers to live in, a truck to tow us & are liquidating our assets, so as to pay for everything in cash. The land search is never ending. So far we've been using United Country & looking into western Va.
The Jeep sold today & that makes everything seem more real. I've been thinning things out for camper life, as we may be in there for a year & Cid has 3 people interested in the house. My poor husband, I have all of the excitement of daydreaming & doing my own little plans, but he has all of the big decisions to finalize & it's a stress to him. I'm so thankful for being w/ a command man & am glad to do anything to alleviate his burden a bit. He is most appreciative when I occupy the children more in the evenings, which isn't easy w/ supper prep & cleanup, so I've been using cheater foods. Things in baking bags, crockpots & the freezer aisle, none of which he minds, our fare just isn't as varied.
I broke in my cast iron dutch oven over the weekend. Our camping trip was cancelled & I had planned all outdoor foods, so we had a fire in the fire pit going until the rain chased us in.I did it backwards though, cooked in it first & then seasoned it. It's much prettier after seasoning, a deep glossy black. I tried looking it up on the internet, but got sidetracked so I had an "Aha!" moment when I looked at my bookcase. I have alot of books, & my eyes fell on Carla Emory's Encyclopedia for Country Living. I love the internet & all of it's usefulness, but even though we now have a laptop I don't like to carry it w/ me away while doing a project. I have no qualms w/ books. I got sidetracked reading Carla but was glad I had looked as I had initially just rubbed the inside of the oven w/ olive oil (bad idea!).
Cid has arranged for us to live on a buddy's 14 acres in Gloucester until the medboard is completed if the house sells soon. He has a whole separate septic & will only charge us water & electricity while we're there. He also is a goat/ chicken farmer when he's not deployed. This will give Victor & I some experience & chores to do. We plan on camping in some state parks in the areas we want to check out the listings we're interested in. Charlotte is awake, must go!

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