02 March, 2009

Snow Ramblings

This is pretty much the first snowy day of the year. We played outside for a bit, but since it rarely gets below 30, Victor doesn't have a coat & he had a hard time getting dressed in long johns, sweat pants, 2 pairs of socks, sweatshirt, hoody & rubber boots. Charlotte does have a snow suit, but w/ all of her underclothes, 2 pairs of socks (she has no shoes) & a hood that kept slipping in her eyes, they didn't have the fun I thought we would have. The snow is powdery & not as good for a snowman I had hoped. Victor had fun w/ his trucks & I got the van scraped off in case we need to go somewhere. It's snowing again & we are inside drinking cider, as Charlotte naps.
We went to Colonial Williamsburg last Thurs. for the first time. And we've lived here 8 years too. It was 70 then. It was neat, we talked to the shoemaker, blacksmith, brickmaker, wig dresser, cooper, magazine gaurd, & millinary lady. Being Feb., many shops were closed, but it was Homeschool week, so it only cost $5.00 as opposed to however much it generally cost. The gardens were open to walk through, & though they were laid out w/ English regularity, they had many characteristics of our gardens, such as hoop houses, & what I would call square foot gardening. Theirs are all divided w/ pathways of crushed oystershells, which they also use at the brickyard to make lime. Most of the kitchen gardens are full of bamboo hoops & supports; husband says I can get some on Ft. Eustis. It grows wild in lots of places around here, just not in our area.
I was going to start the garden this week, but w/ freezing all week, I probably won't get anything done beyond cleaning it out. Husband says we may possibly move & is leery of another garden. This will be its 3rd year. The first year was the first year, Charlotte came along & I was babysitting at the height of the growing season & so I didn't get much last year. I do plan on not sitting this summer, as Cid wants Victor to be more formally schooled, so I ought to have more time. Ha, I guess I'll have the same amount of time, I pray to use it more wisely.
Victor is so big; his head is in the top pane of glass when he stands on his toybox now. Charlotte has teeth all on the left side of her mouth & her the right side of her gums are all bulgy w/ a point beginning to push through. She is an accomplished crawler at 9 months. I get a development update every week on her & Victor through Babycenter, & hers started out "By now your baby is getting most of her nutrition through solid foods" & I was like whoops! So I just feed her bits of whatever it is we're eating in addition to nursing. She likes eggs & meat for which I'm thankful. Victor is almost a self imposed vegetarian. I just don't get it. He does like bacon & steak, but we certainly don't have steak every night. Oh well.

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Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

Hi, I thought about you on our snow day. I thought it would be really "Little House on the Prairie-ish" if we all trekked to your house in the snow. I decided against it, burrrr it was cold. Glad you are all doing well. Have a blessed day.