04 February, 2009

Laundry Rambles

The last 2 days have been gorgeous, I had my diapers & clothes on the line; (the diapers look wretched from Nov.-Feb)my mother in law was asking me what my limits were temp.-wise w/ hanging clothes, but I don't go by temperature. It's kind of neat to start a load of clothes on the line & feel the pile freeze into fantastic shapes 1/2 way through. I DO wear gloves, I would call it a must. I wear some cotton glove liners I found from some NBC TA-50 I thought I had turned in years ago & some black rubber gloves w/ ruffled polka-dot cuffs. My limits fall between the hours of sunlight. There is just not enough sunlight from Nov. to Feb. to dry my clothes. I didn't know that until this past season, I'm coming to my first years colmpletion outside drying. I was folding a load of baby clothes now out grown for the attic & though there were some stains, they were only on the inside of the clothes, not on the outside where I face towards the sun. Praise God for UV! Yesterday Victor was feeling better & Husband was home because he's attached to 10th Mtn Div. They had the Mon. after Superbowel off, so he chopped wood & the children & I had a picnic lunch by the pond. Jackson, our cat who quite possibly belongs to Satan & has caused $100's of dollars worth of damage to the trim & carpets is now an outdoor cat & walked w/ us, meowing the whole time. I think she's clausterphobic. Oh, it's to bed I must go.

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Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

Hi Mrs.Cid.
It was good talking to you today, I just wanted to leave you a message and say Hi.