31 January, 2009

Sick Day

Today was a very slow day. Slow week actually, but a very slow day. The furnace had gone out again yesterday & though I had reset it correctly, it turns out I had kept the gas off all day. Poor Victor, 8:45, 45 min. after his bedtime was crying, so I go in there & I expected it to be about his nose. He has some dread fear of blowing is nose & so won't do it; when his nose gets sore from wiping it, he crys about that. I was expecting a melt down about that & ready to calm & soothe, be says instead, "I can't get warm Mommy." That was so sweet, (it's not very cold inside, in the 50's), I scolded him gently for not getting up & using his words so I could get him a blanket, which I happily did. Husband got the furnace working again. He bought a space heater to warm it up so it would run.

In the morning, Victor did NOT want to get up, though he was awake at 6. I told him to get up, laid out his clothes to dress himself & feed the cats while I showered. 20 min. later he was still in bed, not having moved a bit. Husband came home from PT while I was talking to him, so I left my instructions again, hauling him out of bed to ease his obedience w/ a great deal of laughing before setting off to prep breakfast. After getting Charlotte up from our room, & starting coffee, (Husband made breakfast, a delicious omelet to split from our ham yesterday, so I only had cleanup, he's so sweet.) Husband sees Victor is leaning on his bed, being silly, still not getting dressed. After a word from daddy, Victor obeys, but drags his feet to feeding the cats. After 5 min. of fiddling w/ the lid & scoop, he states that his arm muscle hurts & I assume pouting over feeding the cats. Unacceptable. We talk, the cats are fed & he eats, a bagal dipped in yogurt. (He hates eggs, & in a house where the 2 adults go through 2 dozen a week, it blows our minds a bit. It's incredible & edible right?)

He wants to play dancing games to old rock & roll like we had done last night, so we dance to about 5 songs before I go to nurse Charlotte. It gets very quiet & I go on a Victor hunt after laying her down. He is sleeping in the man cave next to the cat rear end up at 10 am. I wake him up to laugh at him & he laughs too for being silly then says his arm muscles hurt again & shivers. He's covered in goose bumps! My poor boy. I take his temp. & it's 102.5 under the arm, so I tell him to put his pajamas on & we have a Thomas marathon. After 2 of those, I offered to read him one of my Fantastic Firsts! He is always looking at the graphic novel posters at the library, so today I introduced him to the Fantatic 4. He decided he would rather be The Thing, for his super power.

I made a honey/ lemon juice/ crushed garlic/ dash of ginger for him to take whenever. He really enjoyed that, though the garlic definitly gets stronger the longer the day goes on. It is probably just the flu. We've not been anywhere that I can think of & won't go anywhere now. It was so beautiful today too. I'm pretty sure it's the flu & for his first time,he's handling it beautifully. Mom called yesterday to say that my niece has the flu fairly bad & Iwas so pleased to tell her that we've had another flu free year. Excepting Husband, he gets it every year about 2 weeks after receiving his mandatory flu shot. I've been nursing Charlotte extra all day too, though she's not too interested w/ her 2 teeth that are cutting. Guess we couldn't escape forever.

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