21 January, 2009

A Cold Visit

Oh, last week is finally over. My mother in law came up from Fl. & we had a wonderful week long visit. Charlotte did not warm up to her until halfway through (she cut 2 teeth), a point when Victor's affections decidedly cooled. He is starting to get jealous, & is paying for Grandma's leniency this week. She left Sun. & he is settling back into discipline & routines. We ground up the rest of the wheat from our open bag & I made a delicious bananna bread w/ coconut. We're not big fans of nutty foods & in sweets it can only be coconut. I also got him a new pair of safety scissors & we practiced cutting today. He made 4 or 5 newspaper hearts & was very proud, we taped the biggest one to his door. Waking up from Quiet Time, his first words were, "I love my big pretty heart!" He is unbelievably sweet.

During Mrs. Cure's visit, our furnace went out twice. Secretly, I love this. It never happens unless the garage gets below 30 deg. or so. So if it's warmish out of doors, we have heat. Everytime though, Husband has prepped a fire in the fireplace before we retired. We'll have a cozy morning fire w/ bacon & oatmeal & lots of coffee. Then we'll go out & split more wood from our neighbors felled tree. I had split what I think might be 1/2 a cord in the fall one night while Cid was on duty (I get alot of odd jobs done when not worrying about supper) but we burned the last of it last week. I don't know how much is in a cord. Anyway, while we were spliting, the garage was being warmed by a propane heater so as to reset the thermostat. I prefer to work for our heat & I greatly prefer to do it as a family. Eventually our goal is to get off grid. The sooner the better for us.

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