07 January, 2009


My aunt sent me an email about how nothing is ever done all at once, but always starts small, ie. to lose 50lb., you must start w/ 1 lb, etc. I know this, & it sounds like advice I might give, but it struck me to apply it to this blog. Eventually it will get pretty & all the little sidebars filled it. I'd like to have it done now, but my ignorance is such that I don't even know how to do one of those highlighted (highlit?) links w/ the word instead of the whole address. So instead I'll just do random bits & if I see a definite theme in my postings, more than likely I'll naturally focus on those meanderings. So...to small beginnings!

I love listening to my children play. They are doing so right now, Charlotte w/ her sweet babblings over a clothespin pile & Victor...well his are more interesting. "Oh no! You guys we have to get out of here!" "Why? I'm not a scary creature." says the green man. (He talks like book narration when he plays. It's hilarious.)"Yes you are! Aaaah BOOM!"

The day started off warm & humid in the 60's when we left for the store 5 min. away & we were caught in a deluge that dropped the temperature 20 deg. & left 1/4" of rain. It's back up again, so we've the windows open & the cats have roused themselves to lurk around they're favorite spots. I've had this open about an hour, I don't forsee blogging uninterupted enough to have a clear train of thought. Perhaps I should rename this to Domestic Distraction!

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