25 July, 2008


I've been spending an increasing amount of time looking at other peoples blogs & as I've sadly not touched my pen & paper diary in about 6 months I've decided to go ahead & transfer. Lord willing, it will limit my time in internet-land that can be better & more productively spent. Husband won't stop laughing at me as I've yet to transfer over to the cell phone. I do love the feel of pen against paper though, & hope that isn't completely lost.
I'm 26, soon to be 27, wife to wonderful army husband of 6 years & the mother of 2 beautiful blessings. I expect this will mostly be ramblings I come up w/ during naptime & don't expect too many visitors; I don't know how to make highlighted links w/out typing out the whole web address, or put headers into the sidebars or even post pictures yet so it probably won't be very visually appealing. I'll figure it out. I don't expect it's very important anyways, the main point of all of this is to chart my growth in Christ while relying more on Him for everything. From my paper & ink diary I know it does help to look back occasionally to see how far I've come or have yet to go. I'll be more in-depth later, it's time to retire.

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