08 March, 2009

Why's & whereunto for's

I'm not exactly sure why I'm blogging. Husband couldn't believe I started one up. He was so pleased when I quit spending time on myspace & when I refused a request to join facebook. I've kept a journal since I was 17 at the height of my fallen depravity. It has helped in the long run, seeing where God's Grace has shone itself & Improvement has followed. (No, I capitalized Improvement purposefully, I just finished re reading The Scarlet Letter & was reading some letters of the puritans, it seemed as though they capitalized every other word.) I've been so busy so as to leave off writing, though my hand could stand vast improvement & I miss it, the feeling of a good pen on creamy smooth paper w/ lines that are not too close together, yet not too wide. I fear it was a vanity thing. I always felt very accomplished after filling up a whole book. Anyway, the blogs I do read & enjoy are generally of an informative nature, Kristal is the only person I know in real life. She is a 10 min. walk away. But I don't have much to inform about. I can't use this as a very personal journal; that would include telling of my relationships w/ other people & that is usually not something other people appreciate being out in Internet land. Probably this will be a simple woman's home ramblings, reformation observations & the occasional rant.
Victor is getting into his Bible stories, but I'm questioning if the pictures are too graphic. They are done w/ a very strong likeness to all of the Jehovah Witness publications. We were getting ready to pray after reading of David, & he just didn't want to. I asked him if he didn't want God to use him for great things like Daniel & David; they prayed, after all. (Daniel was last week. He said "No, mommy, I don't want God to take me away from you."
"Why do you think God will take you away from Mommy?"
"I don't want the hand to come & grab me away." He was referring to the hand that wrote on the wall at Belshazzar's party in the latter half of Daniel.
We have the same set of blue & red Bible story books that I grew up w/ as a child, by Arthur Maxwell. I've not reread them all yet to scan for what I know to be truth as opposed to what I grew up w/. So far I've not had to skip over any whole stories, really I don't remember reading them until I was about 8, then I read the set once or twice. The pictures are cool though. If anyone happens to read this & know anything about them, please let me know.


Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

Hi I'm glad all is well with you all. Hope to see you soon. Will you start your garden soon?

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