27 April, 2016

Having a 6!

Miranda turned 6 a while ago; I love 6's. Everyone feels so big! I finally consented to cut her some bangs like Charlotte & as soon as Charlotte saw it she wanted to stop growing hers out & get a trim. Then Leora begged for them, so they've all got "the big girl" haircut.

Breakfast on the birthday china.
I had a few gifts for her, my mom had sent a Playmobil horse washing station & my sister a Playdough candy shop. I had fun wrapping them in calendar pages, they made the prettiest wrapping paper.

Miranda is possibly my quirkiest & most difficult. I feel like I say that w/ all of them so maybe "quirk" is just a stage they all go through. But when I saw these mustaches, I knew they were for her. She wanted a butter cake, so I did that w/ lemon frosting. Then I found out mustaches are the new chevron or...something.
     Maybe they weren't all that special, but everyone really enjoyed the randomness. Charlotte was bursting with the secret since she had picked them out w/ me on her shopping trip. Going up a year means going up a chore, so now Miranda is relieving Charlotte of the bathroom counter/ sink & mirror. She is replacing Victor who is at an age to aim decently & handle the trash lid & can now take the trash out without ripping the bag.

Every day I get a picture, note, card, flower, weird tree bark, sparkly rock, you name it from this sweet girl signed "Mirada". She can't remember the N to save her life.

"I mustache you a question..." was joke of the day.

Her birthday dress!


Julie D. said...

Bethany could never remember the N in her name either when she was 6. It was a fun day when she realized there was an N in her name. She wanted to tell everyone. ❤️

Gram ma said...

Love your stories and pictures.You are an amazing Mom.