15 August, 2015

The Walking Dead...

Ha, that's what Mike called my leg after staring at it. He knew about it but hadn't really looked at it until laying on the couch staring at my foot on the recliner. The Walking Dead is a zombie show I watched a couple of episodes of but not to my taste. He's into season 30 or whatever it's on. I am genetically slammed on both sides of my family for varicose veins, this time is the worst yet. Our AC was out for July, the one month we typically run it straight through. It died on my first day of canning season. The heat doesn't bother my leg though my ankle is itchy & tender. The children call it "mommy's ugly leg" & run to pet mommy's "pretty leg". I kind of roar & shake the ugly leg at them to make them rush away screaming, it's a hoot.
To make up for showing you that, here's are pictures of Leora:

She's so big & squishy, I always want to nibble on her. That's a size 6 shirt of Charlotte's she's wearing.

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